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No matter where we are on our writing journey, we need a bit of a push or some encouragement to keep going. I certainly did!
   All the time we read that talent is the most important ingredient to be a successful writer but I disagree. It’s Grit and Determination.  A real desire to push on and finish that novel, a business book or your How To for Beginners guide is the most important together with some discipline.
  Just getting started can be problematic. You’ve got the idea, maybe a rough draft but many things are getting in the way. Maybe the real blockage is fear.  Maybe you over plan and can’t translate your ideas to the keyboard. For many writers their fear is rooted in how their work will be received. They want it to be perfect and loved by everybody.
   If you feel you need a bit of encouragement or support to get moving, we can work together on the phone or on Skype. All you need to do is send an email to me at bodenangelena@gmail, outlining your issues and three possible dates for a session.
Fees are: £25.00 per hour with no obligation to book further sessions.
   If you would benefit from being with other budding writers, I shall be offering one day courses in my Malvern home for up to 4 people. Please register your interest by email to receive your e-brochure.