Blogging - Is it worth it?

Is it worth blogging anymore?


 From my days of writing features for newspapers back in the 1970s, we’ve come a long way in the field of mass communication. I don’t need to spell this out.

 Nowadays, you don’t have to be trained in the art of writing and editing. Anyone can set up a blogsite and pour out their heart. On the one hand this is a great equaliser as it provides a platform for voices that might not be otherwise heard.

 On the other hand, I imagine the blogosphere being bunged up like a constipated giant turtle. So, my question is this: Is blogging worth the time and effort when the payoff is negligible?

 We’re all shouting out our personal thoughts and opinions in the hope of a big following and hope that we will be heard above the millions or tens of millions who are doing the same.

 In the main, our words are falling into the void because the truth is no-one is interested in what we have to say. They are only motivated by what they have to say. It’s discouraging and I don’t blame anyone who slams down the lid of their laptop and says, “Enough is Enough!”

 Yet, when I look back at blogs I wrote a couple of years ago, I’m encouraged by the number of hits running into thousands and the ever increasing number of downloads of my free books. Someone is reading and for me, I only need to reach a handful of people to feel it’s worthwhile continuing.

 Our words don’t need to be validated by the thousands except if we are looking for fame and fortune, which I’m not. I wouldn’t want the pressure of having to perform daily for fear of letting down the “fans”.

 I’m not looking for fans. Just readers who like my output even if they don’t agree with it. I purposely don’t open up a comment section because I’m not here to debate. It’s always gratifying to receive positive feedback – of course it is – but these days, too many people enjoy setting foxes loose in the chicken coop to see what happens. I’m not interested in feeding their egos or watching them turn to an apoplectic shade of red.

 Writing a blog can be cathartic. It’s like having a silent therapist who allows you to empty your head but doesn’t charge you for the privilege.

 Unlike social media soundbites, a blog allows you to explore a theme in a structured fashion, edit and moderate its tone before sending it off.  I don’t do social media these days so my only outlet for promoting my books is via this website.

 A sincere thank you to anyone out there who reads my blogs and buys one of my books. You are the jewels in the cyberslurry.