Pun Alert: There’s something uplifting about kite flying.

 For best results, take one empty beach and a brisk wind.  Hold up the kite by the bridle point (where the sticks meet) and let the line out. The kite should fly away from you and as you pull on the line, the kite will fly.

There is no need to run! The wind will do all the work.

 As a child, I used to make kite out of plastic or even paper, sticks and string and of course a colourful tail. That was as much fun as trying to fly it. 

 All kinds of kites are available for purchase these days and it’s great to see the diverse colours and shapes fluttering and hovering high in the sky, giving the flyers much simple pleasure. And, that’s the point of this little blog. You’re never too old to revisit your youth.

 I’ve just spent a week on a Welsh beach with my new kite letting it carry away all my worries and concerns while I revisit my carefree childhood days. This simple activity is a stress buster, brings a huge sense of pleasure and costs very little. If you want to make your own there’s plenty of help on You Tube.

 A tip from past experience: don’t fly your kite in a thunderstorm as it can make you a giant lightening conductor. This is the reason for not using a metallic flying line. Also, be careful not to fly it near overhead lines, close to trees, birds or other people.