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kindle longEDNA'S DEATH CAFE

As in life, death is not without its agenda. This is something seventy-nine-year-old Edna Reid finds out when her partner, Ted, suddenly dies.

To cope with her loss, she sets up a Death Cafe to break down the taboo around death and to encourage other members of the community to discuss it openly. Over tea and cake, the participants hide their fears behind a veil of dark humour.

Religious fanaticism clashes with Victorian spiritualism as Edna’s meetings trigger lively conversations on the fragility of life, anxiety over dying, cost of funerals, and making sure long-lost greedy relatives don’t benefit from inheritances.

Soon, a series of events begin to unfold which threaten to undermine Edna’s livelihood and the Death Cafe meetings. These events just happen to coincide with the arrival of a mysterious stranger into the village.

Who is she and why is she so hostile to Edna? 

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Q&A with Anne Coates author of Perdi…

16-07-2020 Hits:257 Thinking Aloud Angelena Boden

Anne is well known for her Hannah Weybridge books, and she's here to chat about her latest in the series,  Perdition's Child which is my personal favorite.    Anne, welcome.  What inspired you...

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Q&A with Jane Davis author of At the…

30-06-2020 Hits:272 Thinking Aloud Angelena Boden

Author Jane Davis is no stranger to this blog, and it’s a real privilege to host her once again in advance of the publication of her latest novel, “At the...

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09-03-2020 Hits:652 Thinking Aloud Angelena Boden

 Should we be taking the coronavirus (COVID 19) panic seriously, or cooling the temperature on the alarming reactions to the impending loo roll crisis?  I didn’t know whether to laugh...

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Generations at War

09-03-2020 Hits:553 Thinking Aloud Angelena Boden

The last time I heard the term, “Generation Gap” was in reference to the 1960s. The explosion of personal expression through music, fashion, style, language and a shift in values...

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No Sex please, We're Married

12-02-2020 Hits:755 Thinking Aloud Angelena Boden

Sex can be a lot of work. There’s so much stuff involved. Leg shaving, bikini waxing and what about all that ooo-ing and ahhhh-ing to sap the oxygen out of...

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10-02-2020 Hits:964 Thinking Aloud Angelena Boden

 Readers often ask me why I’ve chosen to set my Edna Reid Investigates books in the Hope Valley area of Derbyshire. (UK)    Here are three good reasons.   1. Because it’s...

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05-02-2020 Hits:492 Thinking Aloud Angelena Boden

Back in the seventies, I got a job as a board marker in a bookies close to the place where I lived as a student. While most students I knew...

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Don't Get Catfished!

01-02-2020 Hits:373 Thinking Aloud Angelena Boden

I’d never heard of the term until I watched a TV programme about it. If you don’t know what it is either, here’s the Wiki definition. Catfishing is a type of...

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Dogs for Mental Wellbeing

30-01-2020 Hits:418 Thinking Aloud Angelena Boden

Raffi is a three year old poodle dachshund cross – a doxiepoo- but is also the family’s Head of Welfare. He’s earned this honourable title because he has a knack...

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11-08-2018 Hits:1619 Thinking Aloud Angelena Boden

As a Derbyshire lass, my favourite Saturday treat was an oatcake with bacon and eggs for breakfast. Sometimes, lunch and even tea.  It’s a cross between a pancake and a...

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Cheating Death

20-07-2018 Hits:1358 Thinking Aloud Angelena Boden

Would you pay $200,000 to have your dead body preserved in liquid nitrogen and hung upside down in a sleeping bag, until medicine advances far enough to cure the disease...

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Edna's Death Cafe

16-06-2018 Hits:1288 Thinking Aloud Angelena Boden

As in life, death is not without its agenda. This is something seventy-nine year old Edna Reid finds out when her partner, Ted, suddenly dies.To cope with her loss, she...

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Talking About Death, Celebrating Life

10-05-2018 Hits:1423 Thinking Aloud Angelena Boden

YODO! No, it’s not a new greeting. It’s shorthand for You Only Die Once, so why not make it a good death? There has never been a better time...

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