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Angelena Boden

Angelena Boden

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About Me

Hello to you all. Thank you for finding me. My purpose in setting up this website is to be of service to you now that I am in my later years with considerable experience and hopefully some wisdom.

I’m Angelena Boden, freelance trainer, writer and guidance counsellor, with more than 35 years of experience in the field of interpersonal development and mental wellbeing. My special field is Transactional Analysis and the application of transformational communication and behaviour.

Working with organisations has taken me across the globe and inspired me to learn new languages and cultures.
I am the author of 3 business books  and my debut novel, The Cruelty of Lambs, will be published by Urbane Publications, Autumn 2016.

My own life, like that of many, has been coloured by depression, anxiety and conflict. Being bullied through school, suffering from unabated mental and emotional abuse within marriage and a survivor of PTSD has moulded my thinking and given me grit and determination to conquer mountains.

Now that I’ve reached a major milestone in my life, I feel able to offer you some support and guidance as you navigate your way through some of life’s difficult transitions. These often come around the ages of big zero birthdays; - 30, 40, 50 and 60.
I have met thousands of people during the course of my career who have smashed unexpectedly into road blocks or been knocked off course by metaphorical bolts of lightning.

Have you had the feeling that the career you chose in your twenties is no longer the best fit for you now you are in your thirties? Maybe the polish has worn off your relationship and you want to blame the other person when in fact it is you who is changing. Is your family bringing you more heartache than joy?

The empty nest can leave us feeling rudderless and without a sense of purpose. We can end up living vicariously through our adult children instead of seeking that new direction which brings fulfilment in our later years.

      Do you feel trapped or stuck in a situation and you can’t see an escape route?


      Do you feel empty and bored much of the time?


      Do you really know what you want out of life? Many of us don’t.


      Is anger becoming a default response to frustration?


      What are you most afraid of?


      Are your relationships becoming strained or you feel a need to run away from your family to save yourself from drowning?


      Do you fear death?

Click on Life Transitions and get in touch if you feel I can help you.

We can’t conquer the world but together we can find the key to unlock the door which is keeping you in your prison.

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