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Angelena Boden

Angelena Boden

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Angelena is a graduate of Birmingham University and is a passionate defender of a city which she believes is misunderstood. Originally from the Peak District, she made the city her home for over 30 years from where she ran her very successful international training consultancy specialising in interpersonal skills and conflict resolution.

One of her claims to fame was the Bouncer’s Charm School in the late 80’s which attracted global media attention. She spent 3 years working on the Shankill Road in Belfast training former paramilitaries to acquire new skills for the burgeoning tourism market in Northern Ireland.

Angelena trained as a journalist in British Columbia before returning to the UK to study modern languages. She is the author of 3 business books published by Management Pocketbooks and has a business column with the Isle of Man newspapers.
Angelena has been a chorister since the age of 7 and in midlife was awarded the Archbishop’s Certificate in Church Music.

Now living in Malvern she indulges her love of Elgar.


Her debut novel, The Cruelty of Lambs, will be published in autumn 2016 by Urbane Publications.

Dr. Iain Millar is a professional cellist and music teacher. Falsely accused of improper behaviour, Iain finds himself unable to get another job. Exhibiting ever more worrying behaviour, people begin to worry for Iain's health...but what's the real reason behind his terrifying deterioration?

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Training For Beginners - Mini-Book Series

Training for Beginners is a booklet (6,500 words) full of practical tips and ideas for the new trainer or those with a little experience. Angelena draws on her thirty years of experience in the field of international training and development to simplify and demystify some of the secrets of putting together an effective training session. Find out about how to identify training needs, training plans, delivery styles and learn the secrets of managing challenging trainees.

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Customer Service - Mini-Book Series

Angelena presents this punchy little book with real life case studies and is the culmination of thirty years of training experience in this field. Whilst much has been written about customer service and training programmes are held all over the world, Angelena recaps on simple service skills which customers beg for and asks the key question:- why doesn’t the theory get translated into practice and who manages the quality of service delivered at the sharp end?
Angelena has been involved in a number of international customer service campaigns and feels that more needs to be done in attitude training. Anyone can serve customers from the head, but what about the heart?

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