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Making Sense Of Your Life

“As we struggle to make sense of things, life looks on in repose.” Anon.

Cycles are a part of the human experience and a natural part of aging. Seasons change, flowers transform from seed to bloom and so do we but it is not always smooth. Think back to times in your life in your early twenties and that driving need to pull up roots and break away from family in search of a personal identity. Was that a painful, difficult experience? How well did you handle the transition into young adulthood having to rely solely on yourself?

Maybe you had a family that held onto your ankles and involved themselves in every aspect of your life to such an extent you had to kick back hard to find release. Depending on your age now, think about what you would tell your younger self.

Much has been written about the midlife crisis. Some researchers have dismissed it as a myth. Others, especially those who have experienced it around their early forties confirm that it is real and their lives were shaken with the force of a mild earthquake and permanently changed by it, not always for good.

Transition or transformation can be a painful experience, felt internally but expressed externally. It can lead to confusion and in some cases crisis but ultimately growth. Much depends on our personality makeup, past experiences and mind set.

This one day programme examines 3 major life transitions:-

· Around 30 - Now I am grown.
· Around 40 - Midlife and mortality
· Around 60 - Something bigger than me.

How you will benefit:-

· Gain a deep understanding of these transitions through theory and shared experiences.
· Develop skills to navigate through life’s roughest passages.
· Understanding how others have grown and become more fulfilled as a result.

Be able to help others through their transitions with wisdom and empathy.

Cost per delegate: £ 40.00 (not including lunch) Min 4 Max 12 people

Corporate rate £ 350.00 per day plus travel costs (max 12 people)

Skype coaching £ 35.00 per 45 mins.

Venues for open courses: Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol.
Corporate programmes on site or as agreed.

Look out for forthcoming dates.

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