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CHANGE AND HOW TO NEGOTIATE IT (reblogged with permission)

Tom Hocknell's latest blog on Change and How to Negotiate it is a must read. He's the not only the popular author of The Life Assistance Agency but a master sculptor of a witty line.
Like me, Tom thinks September is the pivotal month for change and not January when we fall into the pattern of making promises to ourselves, and if foolish enough to others, for self-improvement, outlandish plans and unrealistic goals. His brilliantly written blog conjures up for me delicious smells of damp autumn leaves and a back to school feeling. For me, it was Clark's leather shoes and a new pencil case which heralded in a new era.  I love autumn and I love Tom's writing.
Enjoy his blog and don't forget to check out his novel. https://amzn.to/2xhah2e  It was chosen for WH Smith Fresh Talent.