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Managing Life Transitions


                                                                                 Moving from one way of living to another.

ü Are you struggling to make sense of changes in your life, especially if you’ve not actively chosen them? 

ü Do you find you no longer enjoy the career you’ve worked so hard to build and the idea of farming llamas in Peru is more attractive?

ü Do you get a strong urge to leave everything and everyone behind to start a new life now you’ve hit your forties?

ü Maybe you feel you’ve done it all and there’s nothing motivating you anymore.

ü Do you fear death?

Some changes are forced on us against our will but others are part of a natural cycle linked to aging and maturity. We feel these internally with no obvious external trigger. These can be the most alarming.

Transition leads to transformation and can be a painful experience depending on personality, past experiences and mind set.

Managing Life Transitions is a one day workshop focusing on practical solutions to guide you through difficult times in your life.   

The programme covers:

  • Your story so far – chance to share personal experiences and get other people’s perspective on them.
  • The career crisis – when your work is no longer meaningful.
  • The 28-32 challenge – the close of one cycle and the start of another.
  • The wake-up call around 40. What the internal clock is telling you.
  • Time to give something back – the challenge of the 60s.
  • Debt, divorce and debt – don’t let them destroy you.
  • Coping with loss.
  • Developing resilience and realistic forward planning.

Angelena Boden has 35 years experience in training, coaching and mentoring people to manage change in the workplace. She has gone through many personal changes in her own life, some of them knocking her off balance for a long period. Her personal experience is shared in this programme with the aim of showing that with the right mind set, patience and a willingness to reach out you can turn a crisis into an opportunity.

The fee for this course is kept below normal commercial rates to make it accessible to as many people as possible. It is limited to 15 places per course. It may be possible to offer a free place to someone who can demonstrate a genuine need.  Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol programmes.

To express interest, please contact Angelena on .">.