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Preppers now in the UK?


(I don't really store tins upside down :) I'm just rubbish at technology.

I’ve been aware of the preppers movement in the States for some time – sorry, I should be clear – preppers are those people who do some extraordinary planning for survival in the event of war or catastrophe- but I came across a website indicating that the idea has travelled over to the UK. http://www.ukpreppersguide.co.uk/

The world is in a chaotic state right now and looks set to continue. It’s the uncertainty that’s the most troublesome and I agree that we need to be thinking a bit ahead as to what we would do in the event of some disaster. Many people I talk to say there’s a sense of impending doom in the air and I have to admit when I did my grocery shopping this weekend I noticed that some of the shelves stocking the super- size quantities of oil, pasta, rice and similar were almost empty. I have to be careful not to get sucked into the conspiracy theories that are running amok on the internet.

Financial Collapse coming 2016,  War coming 2016, Major earthquakes and floods 2016. Don’t watch the YouTube End Times stuff late at night if you want a peaceful sleep.

My neighbours were talking about making preparations to ‘run for the hills’ if anything major happens. I reminded them that we already live in the hills. An article dated August 21st popped into my inbox yesterday saying that the German government urges citizens to stockpile food and water in case of attack or catastrophe. Hmm, what do they know that we don’t?

Some companies are making a mint out of selling survivalist equipment with Bug Out Bags ( fully equipped for a 72 hour survival) coming out at ridiculous prices. It’s worrying when long prepper lists include guns and ammunition so you can fight off anyone who tries to raid your food and water stores. I’d be more inclined to want to share what I’d got but then call me naïve.

Thinking about how prepared I am if disaster struck today, I popped my head into my well stocked pantry and thought, OK, we could survive for the ten days the German government is giving as a timeline. That’s not because I’ve been prepping but because I run my household the way my mother and grandmothers did. Always prepared, usually for family descending without notice.  We’ve got plenty of wood, calor gas bottles (that’s because my other half throws nothing away- jerry cans and probably a load of stuff left over from the war thanks to his parents. We grow food (well, tomatoes at least) and I always keep sterilising tablets in and a good first aid kit because I travel overseas a lot. We don’t have gas masks nor do we intend getting them. Come on, there has to be some limit.

Unlike some, I don’t think preppers are paranoid nutters. I think, like most of us, they are afraid of the unknown. We can see what’s happening around the world and unlike the times before globalisation, know that we are connected to what’s going on in some way.

I’ve always been independent and haven’t bought into marketing hype and spin. It was the way I was brought up and call me old-fashioned but it seems I’m ahead of this prepping malarkey by default.

For what it’s worth, here are a five tips you might want to take on board in case Armageddon really in round the corner this time. (or will they move the date again?)’

  1. Pay down debt. Build up reserves. The banks are in a mess with no head room this time.
  2. Keep some food reserves with a long shelf life.
  3. Think about alternative sources of cooking.
  4. Maintain a supply of tools for repairs. Keep a well-stocked first aid kit.
  5. Invest in your health.

I do this anyway, impending disaster or not. It’s common sense. Anyway, for those people who are preparing for nuclear war, I say don’t bother. Spend your excess time being kind and loving to your family, friends and neighbours right now. Surviving nuclear war without the sunshine or your loved ones? Well, only you can decide if it’s worth it. I won’t be even trying.